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    Got your attention?

    We provide:
    - Finest software development
    - Experienced consulting
    - Server administration and maintenance
    - Products you need to grow your enterprise

  • making plans

    Making big plans? - Count on us.

    Need data?
    Conversations? Comments? Webscraping?
    Domains? Rankings? Crawlers?
    Need web services?
    Language procession? Storage solutions?
    Screenshots? Messaging?

  • monitoring

    Keep track. Big data is watching.

    Interested in Social media monitoring?
    Price comparison? App monitoring?
    Domain Research? SEO monitoring?
    We provide custom-fit solutions!

Finest Software Development.

Passion and Know-How

The initial roots of our company as well as our main strengths today center around high quality software development.
From simple tools to complex backend systems, from small surveys to large-scale big data gathering, we will deliver whatever you need.

Going live - staying live.

Our long lasting experience in cloud hosting will help your business to grow. From low budget server to high availability, self-healing cluster system, we will provide a custom-fitting solution for your business.
You can rely on our maintenance solutions, keeping your servers up-to-date and detecting problems before they interrupt your service.

All-in-one solutions

Your demands are well looked after: If your project needs more than developing, just ask.
We resell domains, secure with SSL Certificates, provide CDN capacity, help with SEO, convey design services, and many more.

Data- and Solution Provider

Unlimited Data

We are experts in Crawler Technology, Webscraping and API use. If there is any data out there you need, we will deliver.
Social media data, product data, domain data, media, what do YOU need?

Web Services

We supported many projects with our countless web services. Providing storage solutions, language detection, tonality detection, categorisation, messaging, queues, CMS services, short links, rankings and many more.

Monitoring Solutions

From Raw Data..

Since we can deliver all data you are interested in, enrich that data with relevance, tonality and ranking analysis, we can even build you the complete tool chain you need.
From data exports to API deployment to complete applications.
Why should you stick with misfitting ready-made applications when you can get custom-fitting solutions?

..To Custom-Fit Applications

Maybe you need a full featured search frontend? Our just headlines via RSS?
Want all data exported to Microsoft Excel? Integrate data in your own solutions?
You need not only data but analysis too? Do you want to create own data, as for example by engaging in social media? No problem!

Monitoring Ideas

Brand protection? Monitor your brand names on domains, auctions or the web!
Prevent shitstorms? Monitor social media and analyze tonality.
Whether you want to check competitor's prices or check customer satisfaction on your apps. We help you monitor price data or all app-stores!
And many more.

Custom-fit solutions, tailored to your needs.